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Article: Your Go To Guide for Sustainable Summer Skincare!

Your Go To Guide for Sustainable Summer Skincare!

Your Go To Guide for Sustainable Summer Skincare!

The Go To Guide for Sustainable Summer Skincare!

Summer is around the corner so it’s time to update our sustainable, low waste (cause hello planet earth we love you!) skincare and clean beauty routines to keep our skin hydrated, protected and of course with an all natural dewy glow! 


Whatever your skin type, activity or layering preference we have a few go-to guides to help keep your skin healthy, nourished and looking amazing this summer so you can have #LessFussMoreFun !


Everyday Base - Normal to Dry Skin: 

Get dewy skin from our serum, hydration from our face cream and protection from our sunscreen for a perfectly light skincare routine. We recommend cleansing before with our Facial Cleansing Bar - Oatmeal.


Everyday Base - Normal to Oily Skin: 

Get dewy skin (never oily) from our serum and hydration from our sunscreen that doubles as a moisturizer for a perfectly light skincare routine. We recommend cleansing before with our Facial Cleansing Bar - Charcoal.

*At night we recommend replacing the 100% Mineral Sunscreen with the Hydrating Face Cream.

Like the Everyday Base? We reco shopping our Feed Your Face - 4 Step Skincare Bundle to save on this 4 step skincare routine and then add the Sunscreen and you're set for summer day and night skincare!


Low Maintenance Base:


Post Workout:

For those who travel light, our Super Balm is the loveliest go to for everything. Literally! This organic mushroom and maple syrup infused all over body balm can be used on lips, skin and hair.


Low Maintenance Makeup:

We don’t know about you but we sure don’t like to fuss over too much makeup on hot summer days that starts melting down our face. TMI?! Our sunscreen doubles as a moisturizer for soft, silky skin, then add a dab of our nutrient rich lip & cheek tint for a dewy pop of colour.


Playing outside: 

Stay protected and hydrated with this combo that will leave your skin feeling soft, nourished and your lips minty! 


Beach, Pool or Dock Days:

Even if it’s in your backyard this duo will leave you feeling like you’re away on vacation with the super popular yummy coconut scent and dewy shimmer. Both keep skin protected from the sun so you can look good and feel good too! 


You can also add the Glowing Body Oil for an extra boost of dewy skin all over!


Whatever your activity, we hope this series of low waste skincare tips will leave you feeling ready to enjoy summer while taking care of your skin with healthy, nourishing, sustainable skin, body and clean beauty.

Have fun!


The Birch Babes