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Article: Sustainable, low waste skin and body care for Dad this Father’s Day

Sustainable, low waste skin and body care for Dad this Father’s Day

Sustainable, low waste skin and body care for Dad this Father’s Day

Did you know Birch Babe carries a collection of over 60+ certified all natural, plastic free body and clean beauty products?! Yep it's true! 


To help you pick the perfect sustainably made, low waste gift for Dad this Father's Day we created a Gift Guide with a mix of the all natural skin, body or beard care items we think you'll love. 

 (and a few that you maybe didn't know about)

We've put a focus on one of our most popular scents, 'Woodsy Jay', smokey and reminiscent of the back country with hints of tobacco and campfire. Loved by many, including anyone who smells it!

Don't believe us? Check out our Father's Day video with comedian and actor Steph Barkley after gifting her partner 'Woodsy Jay' here and below :)


We know Father’s Day isn’t for everyone and that Dad’s can come in all sorts of forms. So if you’re not celebrating Father’s Day this year, we get it. This list may be a fun discovery of a few of the products perhaps you never knew we had!


The easiest way to save while getting a gift with the perfect mix of products that work together to complete and compliment any skin or body care routine. Each 'Kit' comes in a wrapped paper box with recycled paper filling and tied nicely with string. You also shave the option to add a custom love note at checkout!



Lather up with these two handmade, nourishing and hydrating Facial Cleansing Bars! 'Oatmeal' is perfect for normal to sensitive skin while 'Charcoal' is great for normal to oily skin. 

Then follow up with our fan favourite Natural Glow Serum! A go-to essential for any morning and night skincare routine. Infused with carefully chosen nutrient-rich oils to leave skin feeling hydrated and healthy.



Our Beard Oils and Balms will make your dad's beard and skin look and feel good too! Infused with carefully selected ingredients to add shine and manageability while soothing skin.



    Detoxify any body care routine with these nourishing, package free essentials! In the mix is our go-to Whipped Body Butter (use once and never go back!), package free Shampoo & Body Bars and All Natural Deodorant's that are free of baking soda, parabens and packaged in FSC Certified paper. 


    • Shampoo & Body Bars - Explore all 8! Our picks below:
      • Woodsy Jay
      • Charcoal
      • Spearmint & Rosemary 
      • Key Lime 


    Whether it’s for dad, your neighbour, grandpa, teacher, parent, best friend or yourself we hope these products inspire you to continue on this sustainable journey with us. 

    Because taking care of your skin & the planet is for everybody!


    The Birch Babes