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Article: The Best All Natural Skincare and Clean Beauty Products for Fall!

The Best All Natural Skincare and Clean Beauty Products for Fall!

The Best All Natural Skincare and Clean Beauty Products for Fall!

The Best All Natural Skincare and Clean Beauty Products for Fall 

Happy first few days of Fall and September Equinox!
Autumn is here which means seasonal changes that can make our hair skin dry, brittle and irritated. We've got you covered! 

Our team vetted all of our 60+ products and are sharing our top 4 picks for Hair, Skin, Clean Beauty and Body products that will keep you hydrated, nourished and protected as we transition into colder months.


Read below and enjoy sweater weather with healthy glowing skin!

HAIR: Organic Hair Repair Serum

Just like our skin, the colder weather can take a toll on our strands! To protect your hair during the colder months a hair oil is essential. We recommend adding our 99% Organic Hair Repair Serum to your weekly routine. 

Our Hair Repair Serum is an organic blend of carefully curated ingredients including rosemary and jojoba essential oils that work to both nourish, repair hair and increase shine. 

Use a few drops on wet hair to nourish, daily to tame flyaways, or weekly as an overnight hair mask for the ultimate repair! 


SKIN: Rejuvenating Face Cream 

Colder air, harsh winds and more time indoors increase our chances of having dry, cracked skin and inflammation. The lack of humidity also strips our skin of moisture causing the outer layer to crack, causing irritation and potential breakouts. 

Our chemist approved, rich and creamy Rejuvenating Face Cream was made for this. This 93% organic face cream is an excellent addition to your daily skincare routine during the colder months and will keep your skin hydrated, protected and plump! 

It’s rich in fatty acids and will help with deep hydration, healing age spots, elasticity and fine lines. We also infused it with Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and naturally plump skin. 



CLEAN BEAUTY: Lip & Cheek Tint in ‘Backcountry Diva’

Have you met ‘Backcountry Diva’? No, not your friend who you nicknamed or your alter ego….our most popular Lip & Cheek Tint that was made for Fall! Say hello to this warm burnt orange for a confident pop of colour on your lips and cheeks!

Lipstick is fun but a lipstick that also acts like skincare, goes on like a balm and adds an easy to wear dab of colour is our jam! 

Our Lip & Cheek Tints are naturally plumping, safe for kids and infused for days with several herbs and oils to ensure we extract all of their benefits to soothe and moisturize lips. 

Apply often for a nourishing pop of colour during these colder months. 

You can also mix n match colours by shopping our Lip & Cheek Tint Sets or pair with our All Natural Mascara with our Clean Beauty Sets and save! 

birch-babe-all-natural-lip-cheek-tint-backcountry-diva-red-vibes-plastic-free-makeup-10 (1)

birch-babe-all-natural-lip-cheek-tint-backcountry-diva-red-vibes-plastic-free-makeup-10 (1)

BODY: Whipped Body Butter 

Do you struggle with dry, cracked skin during colder months? If you answer yes then our Whipped Body Butter is everything you’ve been looking for and more! 

Our nourishing all-over Whipped Body Butters are infused with nutrient-rich oils like Rosehip and Grapeseed to improve skin's elasticity and softness and full of Shea and Cocoa Seed Butter to repair and protect skin. 

Rub a small amount on damp or dry skin after a bath or shower, let melt in for 5-10 minutes while the nutrients soak in and lock in moisture. Enjoy dewy, glowing skin that lasts for days!



We hope this list was helpful. We picked 4 because seasonal transitions don't need a full overhaul in clean beauty. Sometimes, it's just a few all natural skincare upgrades that can make all the difference for healthy and happy skin!


The Birch Babes