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Article: Singer/Songwriter Taya Marquis' took these clean beauty items on her surprise vacay!

Singer/Songwriter Taya Marquis' took these clean beauty items on her surprise vacay!

Singer/Songwriter Taya Marquis' took these clean beauty items on her surprise vacay!

Love a good vacation but haven't been able to go for a while? Or, want to go on another one? We feel you! 


We caught up with one of our fav Birch Babe's, Singer/Songwriter Taya Marquis, to hear all about her recent surprise packed vacation that ended in even bigger surprise...and then another surprise. 

(Get some tissues ready for happy tears!)

Read on for the reveal and to see what clean beauty and all natural skincare item must haves Taya took with her to travel. 


Where did you go on vacation?

Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata

What was your favourite part of the trip?

Spending quality time with my boyfriend, who proposed on the trip and turned into my fiancé and then my husband two weeks after! LOL. One of my favourite memories was waking up at 5am together to head to the beach while it was still dark and then watching the sun come up over the ocean water. It was so romantic and calming!


Swimming? Food? Sightseeing?

We went into the beach water once because it was cold and windy and had seaweed everywhere so I recommend not going during February to avoid that! The food was decent at the Iberostar, HOWEVER, make sure you travel outside the resort and get local food. We could taste the difference in flavour and quality. Yes you have to pay for the local food but it's worth it. My favourite food and drinks: fresh coconut water with the jelly, soursop juice (guanábana in Spanish), passionfruit juice (chinola in Spanish), all the tropical fresh fruits! We had a friend who lived there and she invited us over and cooked us chicken where she went to the market and bought that day - it never even touched the refrigerator. Omg! You can literally taste the difference in quality, so fresh tasting, soft and juicy! I definitely did not miss my Fortinos frozen chicken in my freezer LOL. There are so many beautiful beaches and restaurants, definitely try and hit the town and do some excursions like horse back riding, atv, zip lining. We didn't as we wanted to just relax but we heard they are lots of fun!


What about traveling is special to you?

Being a complete stranger in a new place. I love taking myself out of my comfort zone, it forces me to learn new perspectives of life and  humbles me instantly. I also love experiencing it with my loved one, whether it's a good friend or my husband, it's so magical to just be off the clock, in a new place with a clear schedule and unlimited options of things to do and experience. Nick and I bonded so much on our trip and definitely came back a little more intertwined together. 


What are your go to travel beauty and skincare products? (can be Birch Babe and others)

I had a little pouch full of all my Birch Babe products and I am not joking! It had all my lip and cheek tints, my 100% mineral sunscreen, my body oil, face serum, rejuvenating face cream, leave in hair conditioner spray, my charcoal facial bar. I took other makeup like blush, contour and highlighter but honestly never used it once. On vacation I found I only needed a touch of makeup to give me a bit of colour to compliment that natural glow I got from the sun everyday. And I found the lip and cheek tints were perfect for that. I do love my Taupe m.a.c lipstick on top of everything and my semi-permanent eyelash extensions (got them done that week before I left) to seal the deal!



Pictured here Taya wears our: 

Any surprises that happened on the trip? hint hint ;)

Yes!! The whole trip was in fact a surprise! He had surprised me with these tickets for my birthday. My birthday is on February 8 so always cold and snow stormy but this year I got to spend it for the first time ever in sunshine :) and then surprised me again when he proposed to me on the trip. And then we decided to take advantage of the covid restrictions opening up and got married two weeks after our trip LOL. It was a whirlwind of magical events jam packed in the span of a month and we loved every minute of it...actually that's a lie, planning our wedding in two weeks was stressful but we did it and it was worth it!



For the final surprise (yes, there's one more) be sure to follow Taya below or click here


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