10 sustainable and ethical business practices for the health of our bodies and the planet!

Our goal has always been straight forward, to provide everyday all natural skincare and clean beauty essentials that are beneficial to the health of our bodies and the planet.
birch babe sustainable skincare whipped body butter
Our commitment is to always create products using premium, cruelty free ingredients while engaging in the most sustainable business practices available or, trailblazing and finding a new, even better solution.
To celebrate Earth Day (which is everyday to us!) below are 10 sustainable business practices we do for the health of our bodies and the planet!  
Our Top 10!:
1. 98% of products are in plastic free. 
2. Make everything by hand in small batches in Ontario.  
3. Use only Cert Clean Certified Natural Ingredients. 
4. Are Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan.
5. Use recycled materials in our packaging and avoid any unnecessary ‘fluff’ packaging for aesthetics.
6. All products are made with 10 or less ingredients. And yes, you can pronounce all of them! 
7. We have a "refill" program where consumers can opt out of a "dropper" or spray nozzle" and refill with a metal lid. 
8. Offer bulk products to Refillery stores to support the refill and low waste movement. 
9. Order materials, containers and items from local vendors whenever possible. 
10. Work with vendors and supplies who meet our code of conduct and offer safe and ethical working conditions. 
We continue to grow and improve our sustainable business practices to offer even better low waste solutions. We also love learning from our incredible community of sustainably minded individuals!
Thank you for being on this journey with us. 
To learn more please visit Our Commitment, Our Mission and our All Natural Ingredient pages. 
Look forward to growing together, 
The Birch Babes