Why Birch Babe Exists

We seek to make everyday skin, body and makeup essentials that are certified all-natural, plant-based and plastic-free. We’re redefining the beauty industry by encouraging sustainable business practices that include ethically-sourced ingredients, minimal to no packaging, and products that are toxin-free to keep our bodies and the planet healthy. 
Our Mission

To inspire the sustainably curious consumers to invest in everyday essentials that are both good for our health and the environment by offering a line of premium skincare products that are both inspiring and attainable for everyone. We want our customers to feel safe, inspired, and enthusiastic to include them in their skin regimes each day.

Our Community

Birch Babes are conscious consumers who take the time to invest in products that are ethically made, plant-based and all-natural. They're passionate about living sustainably and feel empowered using products that represent their values and help them embrace their sustainable journey.
Waste Less.  Smile More.  Live Clean.