Low Waste and Plastic Free Skincare and Clean Beauty Guides for Summer!

Heading to the beach, cottage or camping this summer?! We've got your low waste and plastic free skin, body and clean beauty essentials covered with our low waste, sustainable guides for Summer! 


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We created these guides by mixing products we personally love taking with us because they allow for low maintenance, easy breezy skincare routines that are sustainable, nourishing and effortless.

Because Summer should be all about #LessFussMoreFun!


Pictured above our Low Waste Body Care Guide for Camping includes:


Pictured above our Low Waste Body Care Guide for The Beach includes:



Pictured above our Low Waste Body Care Guide for The Cottage includes:

We hope you find these guides helpful! If there's any other guides you'd like to see please DM us on Instagram, Facebook or email us at info@birchbabe.com! 

Happy Summer and long weekend!

The Birch Babes