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Article: How to find the all natural facial cleanser that's best for your skin type!

How to find the all natural facial cleanser that's best for your skin type!

How to find the all natural facial cleanser that's best for your skin type!

Cleansing our face in the morning and before bed is important for many reasons. Well, skincare aside, it’s super refreshing in the morning to splash some cold water on your face and can be an equally soothing compliment to a nighttime skincare routine.  


But really, why is it important to wash our face? 

Why cleansing your face in the morning is important: 

In the morning cleansing your face with an all natural cleanser helps remove any bacteria and oils that have accumulated through the night. It’s also an important step to prep the skin for your morning skincare routine. Even if your skincare routine is minor (we love our low maintenance friends!)


Why cleansing your face at night is important: 

It can be even more important to cleanse your face at night to remove the bacteria, free radicals and pollutants from the environment as well as any makeup or sunscreen used throughout the day. 


At Birch Babe we offer two Cleansing Facial Bars in ‘Oatmeal’ and ‘Charcoal’. Both are handmade in Canada with certified all natural ingredients to help cleanse and hydrate skin. 

They’re also infused with ingredients like Rosehip Butter to soften while essential oils like Lavender, Frankincense and Geranium soothe and leave skin feeling refreshed!

So how do you find the best Facial Bar for you? 

Our 'Oatmeal' Facial Bar is made for normal to sensitive skin and is infused with crushed oatmeal to create a perfect gentle cleanser that will leave your skin feeling calm and soft. Oatmeal also helps naturally boost collagen production, improves your skin complexion, and reduces skin inflammation.


For Sensitive Skin we recommend following with our Restoring Facial Toner, Natural Glow Face Serum and our Award Winning Hydrating Face Cream.

Our 'Charcoal' Facial Bar is made for normal to oily skin. Activated Charcoal and Kaolin Clay remove impurities and excess oil while tightening pores. Tea Tree Oil can also help with acne, redness and inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.


For Normal to Oily Skin we recommend following with our Restoring Facial Toner with Reusable Bamboo Cleansing Pads, Natural Glow Face Serum and Rejuvenating Face Cream (option to use this at night only for repair).

You can mix and match all these products in our Feed Your Face - 4 Step Skincare Bundle.


We also recommend mix and matching the bars for what you need day to day. The ‘Oatmeal’ Facial Bar is an excellent addition to a morning skincare routine to soothe, moisturize and prep skin before your skincare routine, sunscreen or makeup. 

The Charcoal Facial Bar is amazing for cleansing your face after a big workout, night out or if you wore a lot of makeup. 

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Lastly, it's important to note that many other cleansers can contain alcohol, toxins and are mostly made up of water. The benefit of a cleansing bar is not only is it certified all natural and plastic free but it's also packed with everything you need and not watered down (literally!)


Overall, a regular facial cleansing routine is a key factor in skin health, preventing wrinkles and reducing acne. With the right facial cleanser it can also help keep your skin’s pH balanced, moisturized and feeling healthy!