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Article: Getting ready backstage with Queer Comedian, support worker and dog mom Olivia!

Getting ready backstage with Queer Comedian, support worker and dog mom Olivia!

Getting ready backstage with Queer Comedian, support worker and dog mom Olivia!

Backstage chats with Queer Comedian, support worker and dog mom Olivia!

We caught up with housing support worker, autism therapist, dog mom, comedian and Birch Babe model Olivia Ashley (she/they) to talk about how they got into comedy, coming out and plans for Pride Month!


We also had the pleasure of meeting up with Olivia in person for a quick 20min while they got ready for their (super fun) comedy show at Premier LGBT2Q+ Lounge & Gay Bar Friends of Dorothy.



Check out our latest reel here to see how Olivia gets ready (with some Birch Babe items!!) before the show. 

Read our 1:1 interview below to learn more about Olivia!

Rapid fire first questions: 

Fav colour to wear: I stand out most in red!
Fav song to dance to: 9-5 Dolly Parton - always.
Fav tv show growing up: Futurama.
Fav vegan dish: Buffalo cauliflower wings. 


OK, now that we know a little bit about you we're so excited to dive into learning more!! First question: What made you fall in love with comedy and start wanting to do stand up?

I am a fairly new comic and am still on the path to truly loving all aspects of it. What made me want to, and continue to perform are my friends and support systems. I’ve never felt like I had a “thing” until I felt so comfortable on a stage, and made even a handful of people laugh. I now keep trying to learn from more experienced comics and so far - I’ve been able to meet some really awesome people!


Where did you perform your first show and what was that like? Were you nervous?

I was super nervous as it was an open mic. I had invited all my friends, including my Dad who traveled across the country to come see it. I never thought I was going to perform again but another local comic gave me a shout out on stage. In addition, it was my birthday so it makes for a pretty sweet memory. 


What are your goals as a comedian? For fun? Professionally? SNL?

What I enjoy most about it is that I am able to go at my own pace; I want to just have fun with it and see where it takes me. 


What's it like performing as a Queer identifying comedian in a world that's previously been so straight and male dominated?

I am grateful for the diversity of talent on the Lekwungen Territory (Victoria, BC) and I doubt I would feel as comfortable in most other settings. We have several Queer friendly spaces which I do most of my shows at! Tip: scope out the scene before ever committing to do a set. 

How did you first come out to your friends and family?

Unsurprisingly - with a coming out poem to my sophomore English class. I only got a 75% but I think the attention I received made it worth it. My parents always knew - I asked way too many questions. 

Any fun plans for Pride Month?

I’m planning on going on this big pride themed dog walk with my pup. I got him a rainbow tie so he will look like a true ally. 


Fav Birch Babe Products?

I have been loving the everyday Natural Glow Face Serum. It makes my skin so flawless for the day and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. 



Lastly, what does #LessFussMoreFun mean to you?

#LessFussMoreFun means not worrying about your morning routine. It’s about removing societal pressures and enjoying your inner and outer beauty as you are.



We had a blast working with, getting to know and getting ready backstage with Olivia! Be sure to follow Olivia and check out their next comedy show! 

IG: @oliviaaaashley


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