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Article: How To Wear All-Natural, Waste-Free Mascara Like a Boss!

How To Wear All-Natural, Waste-Free Mascara Like a Boss!

How To Wear All-Natural, Waste-Free Mascara Like a Boss!

When we talk about clean beauty products, mascara is often left out of the conversation. However, most mainstream mascaras contain unnatural plastics in the packaging as well as toxins in the formula to maintain their pasty and waterproof consistency. Not ideal for the health of your body or the health of our planet.

If you’re looking for a vegan, toxin-free, and plastic-free mascara, then Birch Babe’s all-natural cake mascara might just be the one for you!



What exactly is cake mascara?

Cake mascara has been around since as early as the 1920’s and has a long history of innovation. Its name comes from the process in which you wet your applicator (or wand) and mix into the product to create a cake-like paste. This type of mascara is typically wax-based, which makes it buildable and long-lasting without the use of toxic chemicals to maintain the consistency and durability.


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How to apply our mascara in 6 easy steps.

Cake mascara has a bit of a learning curve if you’re a beginner, so here is a quick breakdown on how to apply our best-selling mascara to help complete your clean beauty routine. Whatever that looks like for you!

1) Wet the wand under the tap.

2) Roll the now wet wand over the mascara cake, making sure to cover every bristle thoroughly. Be sure to re-wet the wand if necessary to achieve desired texture.

3) Use the edge of the tin to scrape off any excess mascara before you begin to apply the paste to your lashes.

4) Start applying the mascara to your lashes as you normally would. Everyone’s technique is different!

5) Need a bit more drama? Repeat the application until you get your desired lash look.

6) Once finished, make sure to wash your wand with soap and warm water then set aside to dry before your next use.

Earth Advocate @kikoemomo rocks Birch Babe All-Natural Mascara in Black. 

Being conscious of the environment and your health when it comes to beauty products is a process and doesn't need to happen all at once. Investing in a few low waste, clean beauty staples bit by bit is a great way to stay mindful and confident without sacrificing your normal routine (or the bank!).

If you’re interested in giving cake mascara a try, check out our Birch Babe All-Natural Mascara. Comes in Black and Brown.