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Article: All-Natural and Waste-Free Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

All-Natural and Waste-Free Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

All-Natural and Waste-Free Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We wanted to do something special, sustainable and sexy for Valentine's Day this year. So, we had a fun lil brainstorm at the Birch Babe Studio near Bon Echo Provincial Park and, after some exploration, we all agreed that we love chocolate covered strawberries! Who doesn't?!

So we got busy in the shop and whipped up these limited edition Chocolate & Strawberry creations. Below is a bit about each :)

Shampoo & Body Bar - Chocolate & Strawberry

We've infused our award winning Shampoo & Body Bar with a special yummy blend of Chocolate & Strawberry that will leave you smelling like a romantic getaway. 

This hydrating, all-natural, vegan and package-free bar will last up to 80 washes and can be used on yours or your partners entire body!

Our Soap Master Kain who created the bars says "It was really cool to be able to put something like this together that represents taking the time to do something special for your partner or yourself." 

And when it comes to the design of the swirl "It was a combined effort at the studio. It started with the traditional red and chocolate swirl and then we added the white to help accentuate the two other colours. We found the white highlights both and also represents white chocolate. So, whether your into dark chocolate, milk or white chocolate it encompasses it all." say Kain. 


Whipped Body Butter - Chocolate & Strawberry

Our Whipped Body Butter is a sweet & intoxicating mixture of Chocolate & Strawberry for a luxurious body butter that nourishes & gives you a dewy glow.

Made with vegan, ethically sourced and all-natural ingredients and packaged plastic-free for a gift thats good for your body and the environment.  

Wear it anytime you feel like smelling like a dessert. ; )

Debbie, our founder says "I wanted to create something that was not an everyday thing and these scents were the two things that represented valentines day to me. After applying it I immediately felt luxurious and delicious which is exactly what we were going for! It was so fun creating these items and I really hope people enjoy these limited addition creations. If so, we'll make more next year."


Whether you spend your Valentine's Day with a partner, family member, your pet or yourself we hope it's special and filled with love for your body and the planet.


The Birch Babe Team 

Only a small quantity of the Chocolate & Strawberry Shampoo & Body Bar and Whipped Body Butter are available so when they're gone, they're gone.