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Article: A BTS look at 'Connected', our Inspiring Brand Story

A BTS look at 'Connected', our Inspiring Brand Story

A BTS look at 'Connected', our Inspiring Brand Story


When filming our Birch Babe Brand Story "Connected" ( HERE if you haven't seen it yet!), we wanted to tell a story that was authentic, real and inspiring! So, we headed up into Northern Ontario where the Birch Babe HQ is with a small but mighty team of inspiring humans and captured the story of how it all started.


One Woman's Story, a World of a Difference

We created 'Connected' because we simply wanted to tell the story we keep repeating over and over again to friends, family, stores and consumers.

Our founder Debbie is a total bada%$!!  

Debbie was always inspired to make a positive impact but it was her epic solo 6 month trek from Patagonia to Chile that inspired her to come home, quit her job and start making all natural body products.


“I remember the supervisor—at the Patagonia place where I volunteered—smoked but he was so stringent about not wasting that he’d would put butts in his shoelaces when on a hike,” she shares in the video.

So, Debbie came home, quit her job within 6 months and moved up north to the cottage to start making all natural body products that were cleaner for our bodies and the environment. 

Now, 3.5 years later Debbie runs Birch Babe with her two daughters Kelsey and Lindsay where they create 40 different products for refillerys, boutique skin care shops and sustainably minded consumers across North America! 

The common goal Debbie and her daughters share is to connect people to nature through skincare. We do this every day by creating clean beauty and skincare essentials that are made with ethically sourced, organic and minimal ingredients. 

Debbie lives full time at her cottage 30min drive from Birch Babe HQ so we worked with the team to hike into the forest around the cottage and capture the light, snow, trees and natural elements that inspire the ingredients put into Birch Babe All Natural Skincare Products. 

 All-Natural Products, Filmed in Nature

'Connected' was filmed in Ontario, Canada - where our products are all handcrafted and environmentally packaged. The story was partially filmed at our Birch Babe Studio, and partially filmed in the great outdoors. We spent as many hours of daylight as we could hiking outside in the beautiful snowy North to capture the scenes that made up this brand story. 

It was cold, windy and unpredictable and worth every moment. 


The Visionaries That Brought 'Connected' to Life

A small but mighty team worked together to make this happen. Thanks to all the help and support from Skin and Bones, we were able to bring the vision to life! The brand story vision was a collective effort directed by Debbie's oldest daughter Kelsey, also the Creative Director of Birch Babe. Daniel, the Director of Photography had an amazing eye for capturing all the beautiful shots.


Thanks to Monika, the Assistant Camera for managing the camera logistics with Daniel and the team. Kyle, Assistant Camera and our Drone operator captured the stunning birds-eye-view shots of the beautiful landscape around us. All the breathtaking sounds were captured by James who also, ehhhemmm...originally composed the entire piece!!!

All the stylish outfits you see were a mix of talents own and also created and pulled by the incredible Jessica of Albano.

Chris our editor did a wonderful job of weaving together all the footage into a poetic two-minute video.

And of course, this brand story wouldn’t have been possible without Debbie as our leading woman and Lindsay as our trail guide!


Dream team:
Production Company: Skin & Bones
Director: Kelsey Irvine
Executive Producer: Joan Bell 
Director of Photography: Daniel  Demenezes
Assistant Camera: Monika Kraska
Assistant Camera: & Drone: Kyle  Laurin
Sound/Composer: James  M Findlay 
Stylist and Wardrobe: Jessica Albano
Production Coordinator: Liyan Begmohamed
Editor: Chris Deo 
Colourist: Rita  Ushakova
Production Company: Skin And Bones Film
Post Production: Smile and Wave