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Article: How to Get Healthy Hair by Using Natural Products

How to Get Healthy Hair by Using Natural Products

How to Get Healthy Hair by Using Natural Products

Taking care of your hair is really no different than taking care of the rest of your body. Hair, like skin, is organic matter and therefore can suffer damaging effects if the right products and techniques aren’t used to maintain it.

From brittle ends to unexpected fall out, there are a variety of reasons why your hair might be struggling, so getting clear on what those might be can lead to healthy natural hair once again.

 What causes damaged hair?

  • Too much stress.
  • A poor diet (yes, the food you eat contributes to your hair’s health!).
  • Sun exposure can dry it out.
  • Using products with chemicals, sulfates and alcohol.
  • Too many heat treatments too often, like straightening or blow drying.
  • Products that are more alkaline or acidic can cause the hair's pH to become unbalanced.

5 simple habits for healthier hair:

  1. Use sulfate-free products, from shampoos to leave in conditioners.
  2. Wash hair less frequently. Too much washing can strip hair of its natural oils and causes breakage.
  3. Depending on your hair type, invest in the right brush. Those with curly hair would do better opting for a wide-tooth comb to avoid breakage and to keep those curls intact.
  4. Start incorporating healthier foods into your meals, especially those that boost collagen production.
  5. Let go of some of that length and regularly trim those split ends. Without trimming regularly, they can split farther up the hair and lead to even more damage later on.

Why are natural products better? 

         If you’re looking to restore your hair’s health, then natural products are your best bet. They are alcohol, sulfate, and chemical free, allowing your hair to maintain its natural moisture barrier and stay strong. This is especially important for anyone with naturally dry hair that is more porous and susceptible to the damaging effects of harsh chemicals. 

         Don’t know where to start? Our team at  Birch Babe have carefully crafted a few key hair care essentials made sustainably in Canada from organic and all natural ingredients. 

Our award winning Shampoo and Body Bars are handmade with all natural essential oils the traditional way and sit for 3 weeks before we send out to their new homes! Watch our BTS video of how we make them here.

We highly recommend following our Shampoo & Body Bars with our Organic Leave-In Conditioner to balance the pH of your hair. The apple cider vinegar adds shine, glycerin removes tangles, and rosewater and tea tree oil add moisture and nutrients to an itchy scalp.

Lastly!! if you have chemically treated, dyed, dry or damaged hair or just want to give your hair some extra TLC our Organic Hair Repair Serum was made for just this! It can be used as an overnight hair mask or daily dose to add moisture to ends. Also great for smoothing curly or thicker hair.

We aim to create products that are all-natural and formulated to re-establish the pH balance of your hair. Made without the use of any unnecessary ingredients, packed with organic oils and completely sulphate-free our goal is to help your hair feel silky and strong.