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Article: How to build confidence with this actor & model's skincare secrets and daily affirmations

How to build confidence with this actor & model's skincare secrets and daily affirmations

How to build confidence with this actor & model's skincare secrets and daily affirmations

Allison Brennan is an actor, model, producer, paralegal student and mom of two. Oh, and she was also one of our very first Birch Babe models 2 years ago (below)!!

We caught up with Allison to learn about how she prepares for an audition, her daily clean beauty and skincare routine and how saying positive affirmations to herself every day has changed her life! 


How do you mentally prepare for an audition?

There’s no time to think about it. There’s no time to consider anything. There is a job at hand, figure out this person, what she wants, what she’s going through, the circumstances she's in and go. 

Print the lines, learn them and the context and shoot it. Don’t think too much just set up the selfie light, my camera in a quiet room and shoot!


What made you start doing affirmations?

I was always doing affirmations. I just didn’t realize I was talking to myself negatively. 

I became more and more aware of the critical self-talk and realized that of all of the people that I champion and am a cheerleader for (friends) that I needed to substitute myself in that role. 

Whatever I was saying to my friends I needed to say to myself. 

When I did the substitution I realized I was never talking to myself the way I was talking to my friends. I think the nicest thing I had ever said to myself was “I can do it”. That was it. 

Once I made my friends a surrogate for myself I really started to go hard on the positive self talk and it transformed into:

  • “You’re amazing!"
  • "You've go this!"
  • "You're beautiful!"
  • "You are smart!'
  • You're confident"
  • "I love you!” 


  • How has this changed how you feel since starting this?

I feel like I have the audacity to pursue what’s inside my heart.

What are some other forms of self care?: 

I do a skincare routine and put makeup on everyday. I love to do that! That and dressing nicely makes me feel amazing. It is something I can control. At the end of the day I remove all of my makeup and do a nighttime skincare routine and make sure I floss my teeth every day. 


Products you use in nighttime routine?: 

    I’m very very loyal. When I find a product I like I don’t change it!

    What does #LessFussMoreFun Mean to you?

    Going after what you want without overthinking it and having the confidence to feel good while you’re doing it!

    We hope this article was as fun for you to read as it was for us to write. We're all over here at Birch Babe HQ saying affirmations to ourselves in the mirror and feeling like a million + bucks! 


    The Birch Babes