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Article: All about Blue Friday and Ocean Conservation

All about Blue Friday and Ocean Conservation

All about Blue Friday and Ocean Conservation

This year we're participating in Blue Friday an initiative pioneered by a group of small businesses as an alternative to Black Friday. 


All participating businesses have pledged to donate a large portion of sales from November 26th to directly support Blue Friday ocean conservation initiatives in partnership with Surf Rider. 💙🏄🏻‍♀️

All proceeds will be going directly to @surfrider_pacificrim to support their EPS Foam Doc Replacement Project.

Blue Friday's Mission

(from the Blue Friday website):

"At Blue Friday we understand you can’t just stop buying things. “Black Friday” is as much about accessibility for some as it is about overconsumption for others. Our mission is to change the conversation and give people the ability to still shop and also make a positive impact.

Blue Friday is a collaboration of brands and consumers working together to use business for good. Every year on “Black Friday” the participating brands pledge to donate 15-50% depending on their business capabilities of their profits to a jointly selected Ocean based cause"

Learn more about what has been achieved so far here

What are EPS Foam Docs?:

What are EPS Foam Docs - Blue Friday

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is. a cheap, lightweight, petroleum-based product commonly used for marine and freshwater dock floatation across Canada. 

Blue Friday - What is EPS Foam

Why focus on Foam?:

Blue Friday is aiming to raise over $12,000 this year to assist with the replacement of the First Street Dock in Tofino, British Columbia. With more than 80,000 litres of EPS foam cleaned up off the Pacific Coast shoreline this is arguably the most pressing plastic problem currently effecting our oceans.

(info. from the Blue Friday website. Learn more here)

Learn more about Blue Friday and EPS Foam

Meet the Brands involved: 

We're honoured and proud to be donating 25% of our revenue on Blue Friday to Surf Rider Pacific Rim. There are so many amazing and generous small businesses involved. Find them here and also below:

Participating businesses:

Thank you to everyone for your continued support in shopping local, sustainably and supporting small business who care about our impact on the environment. 

Black Friday doesn't need to be about consumerism. It can be about shopping for what we need, while investing in the health of our bodies and the environment and doing a bit of good in this world.