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Article: Meet the Brand New Birch Babe!

Meet the Brand New Birch Babe!

Meet the Brand New Birch Babe!

Hello and welcome to Birch Babe!

Let us introduce ourselves… Birch Babe is a collection of premium, all-natural, waste-free beauty and body products ethically made near Bon Echo Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada! 

How did we start?! 

Well, it’s a heartwarming story about a wild (and crazy) woman and her two (very) opposite daughters moving to the country to help make sustainable and healthy body products that are good for our health and the planet.


It first came together in 2017, when Debbie started Birch Babe. She had just returned from hiking the southern tip of Patagonia (the region not the company Patagonia ...although we do LOVE them!) to the northern tip of Chile, solo at the age of 60 -- with nothing but a backpack filled with some essentials from MEC and a curious mind. That’s right, our founder is that kind of total badass, nature-loving environmentalist.

Along her journeys, she was continually dismayed by the lack of waste-free body products that were safe for both her body and the environment. So when she got back to Ontario, she did what she always does and dove right in, deciding to make them for herself --starting Birch Babe to fill that gap.

Fast forward to Spring of 2020 and a bunch of really cool things had started to happen…

    Everything was on the up and up and a growing group of fans kept investing in Birch Babe as their go-to for waste-free, all-natural body care essentials.

    Then the Covid-19 hit.

    During the pandemic Debbies’ 2 daughters Kelsey & Lindsay faced their industries shutting down. Jobs on indefinite pause and along with Kelsey’s partner Graham, they decided to use the down-time to put their love, skills and energy into Birch Babe, to help rebrand and drive it forward. 

    Lindsay moved to the country to help manage the growing orders in the studio and Kelsey & Graham rebranded the logo, launched an Organics Collection, completed a full socially-distanced photoshoot, moved to plastic-free packaging, and launched the new website

    We’re now in over 50 stores and growing every week. Birch Babe is certified all-natural, soon to be USDA certified, and we have had our sunscreen recently SPF rated. In November this year we’re moving to a bigger studio, and the pandemic has amazingly brought the family closer together than ever before.

    We see this as a beautiful reminder that sometimes the hardest moments in life can bring out the best of us and amaze us. And we’re not stopping here. You’ll have to stay tuned as we continue forging this path helping our customers take small daily steps towards their sustainable journey’s.

    Keep being curious, conscious consumers. 

    We love you!


    The Birch Babe Team!