Welcome to Birch Babe.

We believe in connecting people back to nature through skincare.

How? Little changes, minimal ingredients, less packaging.

We are inspired by living sustainably, being curious and having fun.
We put our whole hearts into creating body products that are carefully crafted with premium ingredients, free of toxins, ethically sourced and without plastic or unnecessary packaging wherever possible. Why? Because we care about the overall health of our bodies, the health of our planet and our connection to mother earth and each other. Our goal to one day be completely plastic-free has been a journey of constant improvement and refinement. At Birch Babe, we are driven by our belief in making small, attainable changes everyday within our own practices and celebrating these changes within our growing online community. Present day, we are extremely proud to be able to say that we are almost completely plastic-free and shipped in an environmentally-friendly way. All products are carefully handcrafted and environmentally packaged in Ontario, Canada.

It all started with a vision...

Birch Babe Founder


Debbie is a trailblazer! Six years ago she hiked solo from the southern tip of Patagonia to the Northern tip of Chile. Once she reached Patagonia, she noticed everyone was super conscious about their waste and the trail guides were super protective of the environment. She realized that while she was a conscious consumer before the trip, there was so much more she could do to help make a positive impact in the world. So when Debbie came home she left her job, moved to the cottage and started making all-natural soap and body products for friends first, then she went to a few festivals and fast forward Birch Babe is now in sustainably-minded stores all across North America with a growing online community shipping to Canada and the US. Birch Babe is a female owned business, run by Debbie and her two daughters; Kelsey and Lindsay. Kelsey’s background in creative advertising and production and Lindsay’s background in management make up the perfect pieces to complete the Birch Babe team.

Watch Our Video

Want to learn more about the Birch Babe story? Watch the Birch Babe brand Story Video "Connected" to see what inspired this sustainable journey between a mom and her daughters.
We're proud to be part of a growing community of savvy and eco-curious consumers who are passionate about shopping smarter, doing better towards our planet and asking questions about the ingredients found in body products.
Thank you for taking part in these little changes by joining our community. Looking forward to growing together.
The Birch Babe's.